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Landlord Questions


What is my “Owner Portal?”

Your owner portal is your RentPros On-line account. This is a convenient place to view your monthly statements, year-end statements, tax forms, invoices, and a minute-by-minute cash flow report. The online account allows you to access this information 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

When is my tenants’ rent payment sent to me?

Rent is due on the 1st of the month and late after the 5th of the month. Owner disbursements are sent out between the 6th through the end of the month. Most owners receive their funds between the 8th and the 10th of each month.

Monthly statements are uploaded to your owner’s portal and emailed to you the last business day of the month. If you want to check on something mid-month, log into your owner’s portal and view your cash flow statement.

Does my tenant need to sign a new lease at the end of each year term?

You cannot force a tenant to sign a new lease but we can offer one. If tenants refuse the tenancy simply becomes month-to-month. If you have concerns about your tenant not wanting to sign a new lease, please contact your property manager to discuss in detail. Finally, we will notify you prior to your tenant’s lease expiring so we can discuss your options in more detail.

What if my neighbor reports that my tenant is being noisy?

Neighbors can be a good source of information for property managers and Landlords. That’s why we give our business card and contact information to neighbors living near your home. Concerns can be reported confidentially and our staff will promptly investigate any serious complaints.

Tenants can be asked to move or evicted if they are disturbing neighbors.

What if my tenant doesn’t take care of the landscaping?

In most cases, the tenant is responsible for yard care. This means tenants are generally responsible for mowing, weeding flower beds and trimming of shrubs less than 4 feet tall. We do not want your tenant trying to trim those large shrubs and trees.
That being said, if you have a landscape that requires a lot of attention, you should consider providing a professional landscape service to ensure it stays the way you like it. Your property manager will help guide your decision on this.

What if my tenant moves in an unauthorized occupant?

We usually will know when the neighbors report an extra car or we complete our annual inspection and find extra shoes, beds, etc. If you suspect this has happened, contact your property manager. We will be happy to go through the steps taken to correct this.

Tenant Questions

I need a repair:

You have a few ways you can report maintenance requests:
1.) Call our main number at 916-789-3500 and ask for your property manager or their assistant.
2.) Log onto your tenant portal and create a service request.
3.) Email your property manager or their assistant.

I have an emergency repair:

For a fire or flood, call 911 first then call our office at 916-789-3500 and press 1 for after hours issues. For a gas leak, call your utility company first. After the technician diagnosis the issue, report that to our office.

For other emergency issues, call 916-789-3500 and press 1. If you have a true emergency, our on-call maintenance coordinator will contact you right away. If it is not a true emergency, you will receive a call the following business day.

How do I pay my rent?

The easiest and most convenient way to pay your rent is through your tenant portal. You can set up a monthly payment to come out on the day of your choice OR you can go in each month and make a one-time payment. If you need assistance setting this up, contact 916-789-3500 and ask for the bookkeeping department.

You may pay using Rent Payment, which allows you to pay with cash, debit or credit card at any money-gram location, Walmart or 7-Eleven. You will need an account number prior to making your first payment. Please contact 916-789-3500 and ask for the bookkeeping department to obtain an account number that will be specific to you.

Do I have to renew my lease?

At the expiration of your lease, you will automatically revert to a month-to-month contract. Prior to the end of your lease, you will be notified of your annual inspection. After that inspection is completed, you will be offered a lease. If approved by your property owner, you may then renew your lease for another term.

What if I need to move before my lease is up?

On occasion you may find that you have to move prior to the end of your lease. This is possible to do without negatively affecting your rental history. Call 916-789-3500 and ask for your property manager assistant. They will email you the lease-break form.

How Much will my home rent for?

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