Top 5 Reasons to Choose RentPros

100% Landlord Satisfaction Guarantee

That’s right! If you are not completely satisfied with the services provided by RentPros, we will gladly refund your last 2 monthly management fees. Most property management companies can make this promise but most property management companies won’t back it up.  RentPros makes this guarantee to all new Landlords and we back it up with our outstanding Property Management Service.

As a landlord, you want to maximize the return on your investments while maintaining your property’s value. Here are some reasons why you should hire an experienced property manager:

Hiring RentPros will Increase Your Annual Profit

 You will make more money when you hire a professional Property Manager like RentPros.  It’s that simple…

Many property owners don’t hire a property manager because they don’t know what a property manager does or they think it costs too much.  Many DIY landlords have found that when they hire a professional property management company like RentPros, they make more money, not less.  Fewer vacancies, faster turn around, better tenant control, regular rent increases and monitored maintenance are just a few of the ways RentPros increases your profit while decreasing your stress.   You will get better tenants who stay longer and take better care of your property than you thought possible.

Property Managers Will Save You Time and Headaches

Property management can be a full-time job even if you only have a few properties: Tracking rent payments, collecting late fees, handling maintenance and repairs, preparing the property for new tenants, finding reliable vendors, and evicting the bad tenants.  Let the professionals at RentPros Property Management show you how the process of being a landlord can be fun and profitable again.  Now you can relinquish these ongoing responsibilities without giving up control of your property.  Let us show you how; give us a call today.

We Find Better Tenants

 When you hire an experienced property management company like RentPros, you will get better tenants.  That’s because the problem tenants know we will not rent to them.  RentPros property management maintains a pool of well qualified applicants to choose from.  We know how to market and advertising your home and attract the best tenants every time you have a vacancy.  The result is that you get better quality tenants who pay the rent on time.  You will have fewer problems, make more money and they will and take better care of your home.

Reduce Your Liability

RentPros property managers know the law.  Even more than before, owners of rental property are becoming a favorite target of bad tenants and tenant groups.  Tenants and their lawyers are always looking for more ways to sue landlords.

How much do you know about the laws that apply to being a landlord? Are you keeping up on the latest Tenant/Landlord laws?  Hiring a professional property manager like RentPros helps keep the frivolous lawsuits away.  The goal of our Brokers and legal staff is to avoid problems before they happen.  Perhaps the most daunting aspect of managing without a property manager has to do with fair housing compliance. At RentPros we have a solid understanding of the applicable state and federal laws surrounding discrimination, especially during the tenant screening and tenant selection process.

In the unlikely event that an eviction becomes necessary, a professional RentPros property manager will know exactly how to handle it.  You will save time and money and get problem tenants out more quickly.

Property Managers Serve as a Buffer between Owners and Tenants

When you hire RentPros property Management Company your tenants work directly with us.  All tenant requests are professionally handled while you are kept aware of all progress.  You are able to have input while keeping a professional distance from tenants. Perhaps the biggest error DIY landlords make is getting too personally involved with tenant issues.  The result is that all too often DIY landlords become too lenient. The result is the tenant/landlord relationship becomes personal rather than business. It is important to remember that renting out a property is a business.  It is much easier for a professional company like RentPros property manager to keep things professional level. When issues arise, a professional property manager is better prepared to deal with the problem effectively.

How Much will my home rent for?

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Hire An Experienced Property Manager

One of the most important aspects of being a successful landlord is to find and place the right tenant. When RentPros recommends a tenant for your home, you can be sure they have passed our rigorous but fair screening process.

We consider The Greater Sacramento Area an excellent place to own investment real estate. We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service and look for- ward to developing a long-term relationship with you.