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Delay of Rent Payment

The City of Sacramento has been the first to follow Gov. Newsom’s guidelines to allow tenants to delay rent payments and other jurisdictions are soon to follow.  In preparation for all jurisdictions, we modified the City of Sacramento’s Delay of Rent Payment form so it can be used for any jurisdiction.  This form allows the tenant to make a formal request to delay rent payments, write in how much they can pay for the month in question and asks the tenant to provide documentation to support their request.

Complying With Statewide Rent Control

If your property is NOT subject to a local rent control statute, it will be necessary to inform your tenants in writing of their rights and obligations with regard to this new law. This is mandatory under the Statewide Rent Control Statute-AB 1482. Failure to comply could seriously affect your landlord/tenant relationship. I have created 4 forms in accordance with this law. You will need to determine which form is applicable for your specific tenancy. The form will either be a notice that is served on your tenant or as an addendum to the rental agreement, which your tenants must sign. (This information and the forms are provided by Dennis P. Block and Associates, www.evict123.com)

For more information about the rent control laws visit: https://rentpros.com/rent-control/ 

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