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various devices the app work on

• Request/Get Rental Analysis while on the go

• Get Paid for Referring Clients to us

• Keep track of each referral status that you submit

• Get Notified of latest trends and laws that affect investors

various devices the app work on

Top Producing Agents use RentPros For Realtors App


Boost Your Earnings

Build Client’s Trust

Be More Relevant


Request a Free Rental Analysis
When Away From the Computer

No need to wait until you get to a computer to request a rental analysis of a property, simply request it from RentPros mobile app on your phone. Think of how easy it would be to request one before or while showing the property to your investor client, you’ll get a response back usually while you’re still with a client.

Get a Quick Rental Analysis
Report in One Hour or Less

RentPros experts will respond back in one hour or less and tell you exactly how much a home will rent for, right inside the mobile app. We place over 30 tenants per month in the area so we know the most accurate rent price your client should expect to get if they purchase the property.

Increase your earnings by
referring your investor clients to us

Quickly refer investor clients to us and earn $250 if they become our client. Your referral clients will also get an exclusive offer of the first month of management for free because you referred them to us. Your clients will love you for having the right connections and getting them a discount.

Keep your Business Growing with
our Refer-back Guarantee

We are usually the first ones to know as soon as the owner is looking to sell a property or looking to buy more properties. We will always refer your client back to you when they are ready to sell or buy again. Guaranteed! 

Stay current on the latest
Landlord/Tenant laws & trends

Receive updates on the latest laws and trends that local rental investors need to know about. This will help you stay relevant when working with investor clients and you can stay at the top of mind for your clients by sharing these insights with them.

Keep our business card on your phone

When DIY landlords get into trouble, they need professional help fast. This is a great opportunity for you to look like a Pro when you connect them to RentPros without needing to find our business card. Plus you get paid when they become our client!


Chris Airola

Broker / CEO / Investor

Founder of RentPros and has been managing rental properties for over 30 years in the Sacramento region.

Ben Airola

Business Development Manager

Helps landlords determine the best rental price for a property and helps on-board new clients.

Steve Lanzi

Broker / Office Manager

Helps ensure properties are rented in a timely manner to highly-qualified renters.


Once you install the app on your phone, simply
open the app on your phone and follow the instructions to create a new
account. That’s all. You will be ready to use it instantly.

If you’re viewing this page on your mobile phone.

Download the mobile app at your device App store.

If you’re viewing this page on your computer

Download the mobile app on your mobile phone. Simply pull out your mobile phone, open your camera application and point your mobile phone to the correct QR code on your computer screen. You will be prompted to a link to the app store where you will be able to download the app on your phone.

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General Questions

You will be able to get rental referrals faster if you use the app, and you will get notified as soon as we respond back. You will be able to keep track of all of your client referrals that you give us in one place and see status of each referral all in one place. You will not need to search your emails to find a rental anlayis that we sent you, you will not need to reach out to us to see the status of your client referral, you will be able to see it yourself. In addition to that, you'll be notified of any new laws and regulations or rental market updates that you need to be informed of if you work with investors which you would miss out on if you do not have our mobile app on your phone.

Any Real Estate Agent, unless your Brokerage has their own PM business and prohibits you to refer business to other PM companies.



If you wait, you're missing an opportunity of making more money both now and in the future. Take 5 minutes of your time now and download our app on your phone and start using it to start making more money.

About RentPros Property Management

We value relationships with our Real Estate Agents so much that we're providing an mobile app that helps our relationships to thrive with help of valuable tools that bring value to Real Estate Agents that work with us. Other Property Management companies ask you to submit online forms and don't offer any help in making you more money.

Real Estate Agents know the value of having a good relationship with good local property managers. That's why top producing agents stay close with us. To stay informed on latest laws, and trends happening locally to be informed and to be able to give good advice to their investor clients. Agents also know the value of referring their investor clients to us. Our relationship with Real Estate Agents is very important to us, so we decided to offer an improved system that helps us improve our relationship with Real Estate Agents by offering easier and faster service to our agents and give our agents more transparency and see our transactions all in one place. Our system help us serve our partnering agents better.

About the RentPros for Realtors App

You will be able to get more money, more knowledge, request and receive rental analysis, and submit referrals and keep track of status of each referrals that you submit to us.

1. Get Accurate Rental Analysis for your Investor Clients (Quickly Request Rent Analysis while showing the investment property to the client and get response inside the app within an hour or less.)
2. Make more money (Earn $295 for each referral and get more money from referring the investor back to you when they are thinking to sell their rental properties)
3. Keep track of each of your referral's stages (See exactly what stage each referral is in, and get a notification as soon as there is an update on any of the referral)
4. More confidence with working with investors (Get notified of latest laws and trends that affect the rental market in area)

1. Improve your client’s experience by requesting on-the-spot rental comps and analysis
2. Increase your earnings by referring your investor clients to us
3. Get Notified of latest Landlord/Tenant laws and trends
4. Organize your investor-PM transactions in one place
5. Quickly find most relevant information about us on the go

It's Free to download the app, free to use the app, no in-app purchases, and no hidden fees.

There are no long-term contracts, if you don't like it, just delete it from your app.

We promise that if you download our app and use it to, you will become a better RE agent for investors and make more money. You will become more informed of latest laws and regulations that affect RE investors in the area, you will be able to provide your investors with most accurate rental analysis which will help them make the decision based on accurate information, making you more helpful and trustworthy. You will be able to make more money by referring us your investor clients who are looking for professional management of their investment properties. You will get paid $295 for each client that converts to our customer. You will also make more money because we will notify you as soon as your investor client that you referred to us is thinking about buying more investment properties or is looking to sell the property that you helped them purchase so you can become their seller agent too making you even more money. Take a look at our case studies to see how other agents benefit from working with us and using our app.

If you work with investors or want to work with investors, this app is for you. If you don't work with investors or don't plan on working with investors, this might not be an app for you.

Nope! Take the steps to better educate yourself and serve clients better with resources that are practical, tangible and help you to make money!

Rental Analysis

It's much more accurate then zillow zestimate, or checking rental listings in the area. We manage properties in the area and know the supply and demand and know how much homes actually rent for compared to how much they are advertised for. We know the most realistic price that a home should rent for.

Pretty fast! You are looking for information to help your client make an informed decision possibly while you're showing an investment property to a potential client, or helping your client evaluate the property after showing the property. We would like to help you, by responding back with an accurate rental analysis within 2 hours. Our team member will personally review your request and put together a rent analysis for you and add their own remarks from multitude of our experience in renting out and managing rental properties locally.

Recommended Rent Amount/range. How long do we expect it will take to rent the unit. What is the average turn rate in the area that you should expect. We will also attach a comparable and other property information that we used to determine the rental analysis. We will also provide you with a summery why we came up with this price/range. See sample rental analysis attached.


When you give us your investor client referrals, you actually benefit more then we do from this. We will pay you for each referral that converts to our customer, we take care of your clients and make them happy, hoping that they would invest more into Real Estate. We'll let you know if we think they are thinking to purchase more RE properties. We'll also let you know if they want to sell this property in the future. If you're giving us a referral, you're actually building future business.

You will get paid $250 as a base referral fee upon signed Property Management Agreement for a tenant-occupied home or upon the leasing of your client's property. Higher fees paid for multi-property referrals.

We have countless agents who have referred clients to us over the last 30 years.

Download the RentPros for Realtors app via Apple Store or Google Play store and create a free account. Refer your investor client via mobile app by going to Referrals and tap on "Refer a New Client" and enter the referral client contact details and tap Submit. Rent Pros will get in touch with your client. If your client decides for RentPros to manage their rental property, you will receive a $250 (Paid to your Broker).

You can! The app allows you to track every stage of the referral process. From the time that you submit the referral in the app to the time that they sign the contract with us, and even when we refer the client back to you. On the referral detail page, you can send your client an email reminder, or call/text them to nudge them along!

Our top referring Agents get over $16,000 in referral fees and commissions yearly. If you refer us 1 client per month that becomes our customer you will get $3,540 ($295x12months) just for referring us clients, and only if one of those clients decides to sell in that given year. You'll make $3.5% commission on that sale.

All referral fees are paid to the named Brokerage in compliance with California statutes.

No! You can refer as many clients as you want! There is not limit!

If we receive the referral from multiple referrers, the referral fee will be paid only to the referrer who first submits the lead (Indicated by the date/time of entry into our database).

You can share this app with your colleague RE agents. You can ask your management to invite us to your office to showcase the benefits of partnering with us and using our app.


Professional Property Management is our business. We are on the leading edge of insights, technology, and the knowledge of our local marketplace. Our team is actively engaged in the renting and leasing of residential and commercial property on a daily basis.

You can disable receiving notifications of new insights in the app settings.

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